Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New puzzle game

OK, some days ago I started a logic puzzle game, and today I decided to push it forward. It still doesn't have a name, so be welcome to recommend one. 

The (not-so-original) idea is to connect a set of computers in a network by rotating switches. The first thing I needed was a way of generating a random network of computers. I used something very like good old Kruskal for the connections, and got pretty nice results from the start :).

Adding computers to this useless network is a matter of just selecting some random nodes, and voilà:

Graphics are just for the prototype, I'll get proper ones before releasing the game, of course. The next and last step in generating the initial board is to randomly spin each tile so that the player has to figure out the original configuration by rearranging them. Here's the result: (I also increased board size in this one)

OK, so next was the tedious work of mapping the user's touch into a single tile, but after some hours of maths and testing I nailed it, alright. I also figured that no one would be able to select each individual tile with his huge finger (in relation to the tile's size, hehe), so I decided to increase the tiles and to test it on a real device. I also added a special computer, which I call "mother server", hehe. I think the idea of the game will be to rearrange connections so that the green virus infects all the computers of the network, or something like that... 

Anyway, that's all. I hope to finish this game before November, although I'm not very optimistic about it.  Oh, if you think of a name for this game, please tell me because I'm quite clueless on that...

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